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Xiang-Xi (Mike) Xu, Ph.D.

Our laboratory research explores the molecular mechanisms of epithelial differentiation and morphogenesis during embryogenesis and the alterations that lead to epithelial cell transformation in carcinogenesis. One hallmark of carcinomas, malignancies of epithelial origin, is the loss of cell positional organization: cancer cells are no longer arranged as a discrete epithelium. Thus, genes and mechanisms governing epithelial cell organization are obviously necessary targets of carcinogenic alterations. Often these genes and mechanisms are also involved in epithelial morphogenesis during embryonic development. The laboratory concentrates on two epithelial biological systems: the transformation of the ovarian surface epithelium to cancer, and the genesis of the primitive endoderm, an epithelial structure in early embryos. We have recognized a striking conservation in the molecular mechanisms and genes
between epithelial morphogenesis and neoplastic transformation, and are studied in parallel both development and cancer. We hope that the studies will reveal critical mechanisms in ovarian carcinogenesis and also contribute to the fundamental understanding of cell differentiation and morphogenesis in early embryonic development. Specifically, our main research projects include the following:

  • Mechanisms in cell differentiation and pattern formation in primitive endoderm development and early embryogenesis.
  • The role of Dab2 gene in epithelial polarity and in morphological transformation of carcinoma cells.
  • The role of GATA transcription factors in epithelial dedifferentiation of ovarian cancer cells.
  • Development and study of an ovarian tumor mouse model reflecting postmenopausal ovarian cancer risk.
  • Role of nuclear envelope defects in chromosomal instability and cancer.


Professional Affiliations

University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Select Publications


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